Human Thief (Feral Ex-Slave)


Tol is small by human standards, but this does not disguise the wirey toughness of his branded, scarred and tattooed frame. An ill kept mop of dark hair, frames his grissled, grim features and broken teeth; he rarely smiles, and on the rare occasions he does it is usually when hunting, tending to the animals or mimicing animal calls (for which he has a talent). When unocupied his hand will absentmindedly stroke the Davek rune branded onto his cheek and his eyes scan the surroundings nervously.


Tol can’t be sure if he was born into the slavery of his orcish masters or captured very young, either way he only remembers the pits and the mine. His ability to sneak scraps from the slavers table and to find ways in and out of the mine and the pits that even the rats couldn’t find, earned him his name, which in the language of his orcish masters, means vermin and applied to any scuttling thing they couldn’t be bothered to name properly.

Even with the beatings he got when he was caught stealing, it was worth it, and probably kept him and his sister alive. He tried to hide her, but they took her eventually, when she came of age, like they did with all the women. Time passed, Tol had given up keeping track of how much after she’d been taken. He worked, hid, stole and survived. He passed from master to master on a whim, a bargain or lost in some bet or other. Each new master adding a brand or tattoo to mark their ownership.

A few weeks before he was freed he saw her again, he was sure it was her; chains around her neck, being pulled behind the orcish warlord that came to the camp near the mine. It was only a glimse, their masters sent them back to the pits, but he knew at least that she lived and that she was with child.

Many of the slavers left shortly after that, following the warlord to whatever glory or conquest he had promised them no doubt. It was lucky they did, or it may have been different for Tol’s new masters when they attacked the camp, many more of them would have died and fewer slaves would have survived.

Maybe his new masters will hunt the warlord down too? If they do he’ll take her back, and for what they’ve done he’ll take the warlords head and the head of any orc that tries to stop him. But that is up to the will of his new masters, they say they are men and he is free, but Tol is not so easily tricked as that. They are better masters than he could have ever hoped in his most desperate whispered prayers to whatever god was listening, he may not have much learning but he isn’t stupid and he knows how to survive.


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