Legends of Rath

Session 5

The Frost Lich

After throughly investigating the chamber they were in, finding an old novel entitled “The Summer Of Entitlement” and a bunch of maps showing old Elven burial tombs. Tol’s keen eye spotted a filled in pit trap by the frost covered door. At the bottom of the excavated pit, the party found human and Demon remains! They also recoverd some massive gold coins with more images of demons on them. Ysala suspected that they might hark back from the days of the Bael Turathi Empire, and were at least 3,000 years old!

After peering through the lock of the frost coveed door the party saw a robed figure conversing with a man in a scrying portal on the wall. The man wore a mask in the shape of a ram’s skull and answered to the name Nazim. Could this be the Nazin Redthorn that Abercrombie warned them about? The robed figure had a high nervous voice and demanded more resources. Nazin was not impressed with ’Grezzek’s failure and refused further help.

With a ominous feeling of something bad and magical happening on the other side of the door, Ysala teleported herself to the otherside and hid. She saw the remains of a massive Dragon that some animated skeletons were labouring to put back together. In an effort to get some help, and disable some magical traps on the doors, she headed back to the doors, only to fall directly into a pit trap, an exact mirror of the filled in pit on the other side of the door.

At this point the party sprang into action bursting through the doors and setting off the wailing alarms! Grezzek, shocked by the intrusion, revealed themself to be a sentient Skeleton Mage covered in thick ice, a Frost Lich! Nazin, staring through the scrying portal shouted for Kalarel to come and help.

After some more falling in and out of the pit trap the party started to get the upper hand, Kalarel, a greasy pallid looking human appeared in the portal and started to cast magic missiles through it at the party. After staring into the soul of Ysala and making her giove up all her secrets, she retaliated by unleashing a powerful terror spell back through the portal and sent Kalarel fleeing. So impressed by this was Nazin, that he offered Ysala employment if she wanted!

After shattering Grezzek’s outer coating of ice the heroes finished off the freezing undead monstrosity. Ysala recovered Grezzek’s skull as proof and also discovered she could unlock some of the power still held in there! Gwenn found a hollow stone statue of an imp, which she smashed on the floor to see what it contained. Although disappointed it was apparently empty, she and the other PCs did hear a definite ‘Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ just at the edge of their hearing.

The party cleared out a corridor full of giant spiders by setting fire to their webs and then sealing the only way in. Sad to discover they had destroyed the remains of some kind of snug or study, the party was relieved to easily dispatch a potentially deadly threat.

Finding a secret way out hidden behind some bookshelves the party headed upwards into a peaceful picturesque valley…



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