Legends of Rath

Session 4

At the mercy of the Praetor

The heroes headed into the forest but was quickly caught by wounded and disabled Elves. The heroes decided not to fight back and were taken to a hearing behinf the Praetor, the head of the Elven community. Clad in a Golden helmet that covered his entire face but the slightest hint of his chin, the Elven Praetor immediately sentenced the heroes to death…

Ellie quickly mentioned Fuarlin and the Praetor relented demanding to know why she knew the ‘Lost One’.

The Praetor instead demanded that they clear out an evil that they had detected under the ruins of a tower. It was the centre of a Goblin uprising that the Elves were struggling to fight off. The party asked if the Elves would help them in their fight if they were successful. The Praetor merely stated that if they returned without proof they would be killed.

After a diversionary attack, the heroes were able to get to the ruins of the tower. After dispatching the sleeping goblin guard the party found a large trunk in the back of a wagon. Inside they found the tied and gagged Eladrin Wizard, Ysala, who had been captured previously by Goblins.

In the ruins the heroes found a magic portal which the powered with a spell and summoned an tiny red flying imp, who theatrically declared himself to be Nib, the Magnificent! He explained that each PC would have to whisper their secret desire to him to pass through the portal. He was disgusted and thrilled by the (apparently) depraved things each hero whispered to him.

“Really? With three at once? I had no idea that was even possible!”

The heroes teleported straight into a dustry disused magical workshop, but they were not the only ones! Surrounded by Goblins, both sides reached for their weapons. The Goblin leader tried to cut a deal but Gwenn wasnt having any of it and all of the Goblins were dispatched or made to flee back through the portal (yelling “Food!” & “Magical Shit!” as they went) although at great physical harm to most of the party.

With the Goblin horde returning after the diversionary attack, the party had no alternative than investigate the set of double doors covered in a thick frost to the east.



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