NerathRath is a land caught between two nightmares, it’s own haunted past and the bleakness of its future.

The last great human dominated Empire of Newrath (colloquially Nerath) fell more than two hundred years ago in an orgy of apocalyptic destruction. It is still unknown what caused the Empire’s end and the catastrophic events that heralded it, but long whispered rumour speaks of a terrible bargain that the last High King, Justinian, made with unspeakable forces.

Rath is left as a broken land, split into a myriad of petty kingdoms, baronies and shires. The once mighty human race is left desperately trying to cling to some kind of control over the land. Rath’s ancient races, the Dwarves and the Elves watch as the human race passes into its twilight years, just as they have. The last few Tieflings wander the land as unwanted visitors, shunned by most civilised races. History only barely remembers the great Tiefling Empire of Bael Turath, said to be even mightier than Nerath, and fell just as hard.

The only race long-lived enough to see such empires rise and fall, the awesome and terrible dragons, are left to idly wonder who will next ascend to dominate Rath. The fast breeding Goblin races or the militant Orcs perhaps? Legends tell of massive hosts of dark skinned elves that live beneath the earth, could they be the next ones to stake their claim? Or could it be something darker, something not natural to this world that will claim it as its own?

Legends of Rath

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